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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World is a widely adored and immensely popular American alternative rock band from Mesa, Arizona. They are touted as the pioneers of “Emocore”, a style of rock music characterised by highly emotive and melodic musicianship in the mid 90’s. However they emerged successfully and gained a larger audience by embracing a perfect blend of rock and pop that worked wonders in targeting the head as well the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

The band was named after a crayon drawing that depicts an incident between Linton’s younger brothers Ed and Jimmy. The two siblings were often prone to fighting of which Jimmy emerged the winner. One day the vindictive Ed drew a picture of his elder brother thrusting the entire Earth into his mouth and captioned it as “Jimmy Eat World”. Later they deemed this caption perfectly fit for their band.

Since releasing their first studio album almost 20 years ago, Jimmy Eat World are still going strong and are set to play numerous tours across Europe with the highlight being Reading and Leeds Festival in August 2014.

The band will then continue to tour the USA in October and Australia in November this year.

Meet the band

Jim Adkins

Jim Adkins

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Jim Adkins is a creative songwriter and writes much of the bands material. Jim also takes some lead guitar duties within the band playing a signature Fender Telecaster.

Tom Linton

Tom Linton

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Tom takes care of rhythm guitar and occasionally lead vocals on a few songs but normally takes on backing vocals. He also likes to play Gibson guitars on stage.

Zach Lind

Zach Lind


Drummer for the band since they got together. Currently plays a Zildjian drum kit. Outside of music Zach is a big baseball fan along with other popular sports.

Rick Burch

Rick Burch

Bass Guitar

After Mitch Porter parted ways with the band he was replaced by Linton's friend Rick Burch. He has provided the bass on seven of the eight studio albums by the band.

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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World 1994

Jimmy Eat World is the first ever launched studio album by the famous American alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World on Wooden Blue Records. It was initially recorded in the year 1993 and officially released in the year 1994. This album features an incredibly array of impressive songs sung by Tom Linton the lead guitarist and vocalist of this band. One song “Usery” is sung by Jim Adkins. This is also the only album former Bass guitarist Mitch Porter made an appearance on. The album portrayed an old picture of Linton’s younger brother, Ed and Jimmy from whom the band’s name is supposed to have originated. However no singles were released from this album and today this album is out of print.

This album comprised of much harsher and sloppy punk rock sound tracks when compared to their more melodic later albums. The total length of the album is 37.56 minutes and comprises of exceptionally beautiful songs like Chachi, Patches, Amphibious, Splat out of Luck, Usery, House Arrest, Crooked, Cars, Wednesday, Reason 346 and Scientific.

Static Prevails

Static Prevails 1996

Static Prevails was the bands first major record which was released in July 1996. It was re-released and tweaked in 2007 with some bonus tracks when the band decided to become part of the production team. The recording of Static Prevails also saw Rick Burch join the band as the bassist.

There might have been some people who thought this wasn't their best work, considering the rumours that Capitol records was looking to add more radio friendly songs. However, the band still managed to record an energetic album. They came back better, with just as much if not more fans supporting them. The bonus tracks that came with the re-release in 2007 was definitely on everybody's lips. If you haven't heard the album before, expect to hear some nice changes between the vocalists. The first song sets the pace for the rest of the album which weaves between sincere rock and fast paced punk. It is obvious the album is somewhat of an exploration towards finding their voice. Apart from being over-produced, which can be expected with a major record label, they managed to keep the magic that is Jimmy Eat World.


Clarity 1999

Clarity was Jimmy Eat World's third album with the original release back in 1999 but there was a re-release in 2009 which had some bonus tracks like the “Christmas Card”. The album was massively overlooked when it was released to the market and critics had a go at it. However, after sometime the album grew massively and is now viewed as a landmark or a masterpiece of the 1990s of emo rock. Similarly, Jim Adkins is regarded by many modern-day bands as their major influence due to his writing and performances. The album was quoted to have taken so many directions that were different, but it did not get lost in the journey. Nearly all the new emo contemporary bands quote the album as their favourite and it is seen as a mile marker in proving that punk rock is awesome.

Although the album had several songs to it, “Lucky Denver Mint” was the only single off the album that was able to get radio play. It went further to be featured as a sound track in the film Never Been Kissed by Drew Barrymore thereby making it a smash hit. It features as one of the best songs in the album.

Bleed American

Bleed American 2001

With their next album the band decided to go ahead without help from any label, it supported itself with touring & compiling previously released-singles. The band also took-on day jobs, and saved as much as possible to spend on their sessions.They worked for a 3rd time with Mark Trombino, who then agreed to defer-payment until after the band's album was released so as to keep the costs down. The completed album was titled Bleed American. Later on the band-scouted for a new record label resulting to a bidding war, with interests from some major labels, like Capitol-Records. The band went on to sign with DreamWorks. The done album was later released in July of the year 2001, which included a vinyl-edition through the now defunct Grand Royal-label, which was founded-by the Beastie Boys in the year 1993. Title track ( "Salt Sweat-Sugar" ) was their lead single. The album's 2nd single, "The-Middle" became one of the band's greatest single (to-date), reaching position 5 on the Billboard-Hot 100 chart


Futures 2004

Of the eight studio albums released by the band, Futures is the fifth. Released on the 19th of October 2004, the album earned a Gold Record status in the United States due to its success. Selling over 620,000 copies is no mean feat! All of the songs in this album were a composition of Jimmy Eat World. The album had the following records: Futures, Work, Pain, Just Tonight, Kill, The World You Love, Drugs or Me, Polaris, Night Drive, Nothing Wrong and 23. The number one song on this album was “Pain” along with “Work” and “Futures”.

Chase This Light

Chase This Light 2007

Chase This Light was the sixth studio album by Jimmy Eat World. The album is a mix of many topical issues from love to the role of individuals within the bigger plan. Some of the music is about issues related to politics and other bits talk about idealism and optimism. Jim also sings about disappointments and love, in a way that is wistful and full of nostalgia.

While chase the light was the song that gave the album its name, it was not the only song to stand out. "Big Casino" and "Always Be" became college anthems within the basketball circuits. "Here it goes" also enjoyed the same fate. "Electable" on the other hand, found its way into a video game. "Chase the Light" became a theme song for one of the cable stations for promotional purposes. Meanwhile "Gotta be Somebody’s Blues" was just one of the most enjoyable songs of the whole album for fans.


Invented 2010

Invented is Jimmy Eat World’s seventh studio album. It was released on 28th September 2010 through Interscope Records. The album was primarily recorded at the band’s home studio. It was co-produced by Mark Trombino, who also had worked with the band in their previous creations. Soon after release, Invented received tremendous positive reviews from music critics. Most of the review aggregator websites like Sampling Sixteen reviews, gave the album an average score of 68, on the basis of generally favourable reviews.

Invented was seen as a return of creative peaks delivering twinkling sonic subtleties, characteristically layered epic tunes and timeless melodies. Each and every element of the album, beginning from the lead guitars to the female harmony vocals made it another emotional sensibility from the band.


Damage 2013

Jimmy Eat World is one band which has shown remarkable consistency over the years. However, the 2010 album Invented by the band was a long, outlier and meandering collection of out of character rock songs and retread ballads. Most of the songs seemed to have wanted to recreate the sounds reached by Clarity - the 1999 fan favourite. The previous year, Jimmy Eat World had celebrated the tenth anniversary of the album. Thus, it’s quite fair to assume that the songs from Invented were reasonably fresh among the band members’ hearts.

The ten songs in Damage (2013), permeate through your mind both sonically and lyrically. This production is intentionally and noticeably rough and airy around the edges. This allows the album to give off a more personable, live sounding and less canned listening experience mesmerising listeners all the way.